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The educational component of our mission is ongoing and over the years has included, and will continue to include, wildflower walks, area geology studies, stream walks, a variety of presentations regarding our natural resources and processes for conservation protection, and meetings with individual property owners regarding conservation protection of the land. 

The Trust expanded the scope of its educational mission in March 2004 with the co-sponsorship of Protecting Rural Lands, a one-day workshop at Denison University's Burton Morgan Center. This workshop, presented in cooperation with Denison University and OSU Extension Service - Licking County, was designed for owners of rural property and those who advise or work with such owners, to learn about long-term conservation protection for land. A diverse group of approximately 90 people – farmers, concerned citizens, lawyers, other professionals and public officials - spent the day in general or group sessions discussing economic considerations which make that protection possible. Dr. Bob Teater, former Director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the keynote speaker for the workshop, stated the challenge for the day, and for tomorrow, in these terms:

"One of the concepts that I want to emphasize is that we have to look at the soil and land as more than just space to build on. That ignores what's under ground - the soil, the water, the minerals, the forest, the wildlife - the living system. Are we really looking at resource management in terms of the resources, not just the space to build?"

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 Meet Our Intern, Brooke Kauchak!

Brooke Kauchak, a 3rd-year student at Ohio State University’s School of Environment and Natural Resources, is a welcome new face around the LLT office this summer. Brooke is majoring in the Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability program at OSU, a multi-disciplinary degree that focuses on the human dimensions of sustainability. She is specializing in international development. Brooke is a woman of many interests, and also participated in an OSU study-abroad program this summer. She spent three weeks in Rwanda learning about the country’s experience of genocide and its efforts to deal with its aftermath. Brooke brings a wealth of skills and is a huge help in the busy summer season at the Trust. We are grateful to work with such a talented intern!

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