Conserving our
Rural Landscapes




COnservation & Agricultural easements

The Licking Land Trust protects over 1,174 acres of land through both conservation and agricultural Easements. See our current list of protected properties below.

List is current as of July 2017

List is current as of July 2017

Types of Easements and Land Protection

Conservation & Agricultural Easements

A conservation or agricultural easement is a legal agreement that is generally granted, but occasionally sold, to a unit of government or a qualified non-profit conservation organization, such as the Trust. The landowner still retains ownership of the land, and the right to control access to it.  For more detailed information, refer to the “Conservation and Agricultural Easements” page on this website.

Property Ownership

For a number of properties, actual ownserp of the land has been donated to the trust, ensuring its protection.